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<Forged by fury> was setup January 2009 by Thedentist.
Together, we continue his progress.

Guild aim: To provide a social and helpful environment so that all members achieve their full potential and experience as much content as possible - and HAVE FUN doing it.

We are a Social/Casual guild that organises PVE & PVP events for members to enjoy.
We clear Raid content at Heroic level.
We achieved 1700 Rated Battleground

To Join Us: Whisper a Guildy or request invite via 'in-game' guild recruitment system
Check us out on WowArmory - Click Here
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Guild Ranks
     Rank       Rank Name   Description
1   Guild Leader   Doom's Rank
2   Raid Leader   Organises raids; decides who attends raids; decides on boss tactics;
  ensures everyone knows what to do; decides if someone needs removed
  from raid; performs Master Loot role, etc.
  Guild Leader decides if another Raid Leader is needed;
  - Raid Leaders vote on who is promoted. 
3   Raid Leader
4   Gold Raider   This Rank is Earned:
  Raid Leaders will vote on whether you are good enough for promotion.
  Can be relied upon and is an example to other raiders.
5   Silver Raider    This Rank is Earned:
  Raid Leaders will vote on whether you are good enough for promotion.
  Attend raids, survive bosses, do appropriate dps/heals, deal with mechanics, etc.
6   Bronze Raider   If you want to raid, ask a Raid Leader to promote you to this rank.
  Sign for raids and show up on-time
7   Social   -
8   Alt   Any character where a main already exists in the guild
9   AFK   Any player that has been offline for over 1 month
We want active guildies, with everyone participating in Guild Events.

  Time    Event    Details
  Wednesday     8:00pm-11pm  (Server Time)      PVE   Invite via calendar system  
  Thursday    8:30pm-11pm  (Server Time)    PVE   Invite via calendar system 
  Sunday    8:00pm-11pm  (Server Time)   PVP   Invite via calendar system 
Make sure your gear is gemmed, enchanted correctly - Click Here

Raid Team
  Main-Spec Role  
  Class    Rank 
  Off-Spec Roles  / Alts Roles
  Tank   Doomkrypt     Death Knight  
  Guild Leader   
  Tank   Yunal   Monk    Raid Leader   Healer
  Healer   Yvonne   Priest   Silver Raider    
  Healer   Prøst   Priest   Silver Raider   DPS (Ranged)
  Healer   Vésta   Priest   Silver Raider  
  Healer   Zywro   Shaman   Silver Raider   
  DPS (Ranged)   Alëia   Hunter   Bronze Raider   (Ruin)
  DPS (Ranged)   Vanwinkle   Mage   Silver Raider   (Pestilence - DPS Ranged) 
  DPS (Melee)   Fruitstab   Rogue   Bronze Raider  
  DPS (Melee)   Huntress   Demon Hunter    Raid Leader    (Jay - Tank)
  DPS (Melee)   Pansarwagn    Warrior   Bronze Raider    
  DPS (Melee)   Yes   Warrior 
  Bronze Raider    
Raid Leaders will try to CONFIRM attendees atleast 24 hours before event - but this depends on ppl signing.

        Guild Rules
Discord   We currently use Discord as our Raid Communication tool
  Download Discord from their official website -
1   Everyone must log Discord for guild events
2   All must have Push-to-Talk set
  Guild Chat    
1   Do not spam Recount data in Guild chat, during raids
2   Do not talk about joining other guilds / encourage others to join other guilds - will result in /Guild Kick 
3   English only, thank you
4   Do not swear or behave offensively

  Policy No      Loot Policy
1   Loot is decided by:
  Master Loot or Personal Loot.  Check raid in calendar for details.
  Currently using PERSONAL LOOT
2   If Item is not needed AND it can be traded >
  Loot Council (Raid Leaders) will decide whether items can be rolled for & by whom 

     Tab       Guild Bank
1   Banker Dump 1 - for Bankers to sort through (Drop useful items/mats here please) 
2   Banker Dump 2 - for Bankers to sort through (Drop useful items/mats here please) 
3   Mining, Blacksmith, JewelCrafting & Engineering mats
4   Herbs, Alchemy and Inscription mats
5   Skinning, Leatherworking, Tailoring and Enchanting mats
6   Raid items, Cooking and Fishing mats
7   Excess Mats - for officers to create something useful for raids

  Guild Repairs
  Raid Leaders    100g per raid
  Raiders    100g per raid
  Blizz are making it harder to fund Guild Repairs.
  Cash Flow perk has been removed
  BOE loot is Personal loot now, etc. 

** PROPOSALS follow **
To be discussed at next officer meeting ....
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